• Autopot 1Pot Module (pot 8.5l) AP200 / SQ
  • Quadratischer Topf 8.5L Autopot AP209/SQ/BLACK
  • Autopot Stand 1POT für Töpfe 8,5l und 15l AP205/SQ
  • Abdeckung für AP205/SQ/LID Ständer
  • Ventil / Spüler / Autopot Aquavalve AQ100 Dispenser
  • Materialmatte für Pot Autopot AP225/SQ/1
  • Kupfermatte für AutoPot Topf 8.5L und 15L AP229/SQ/1
  • 1mb AutoPot PF100/6/1 6mm Schlauch
  • T-Stecker, t-Shirt 16mm-6mm AutoPot PF945/T
  • Stecker T 6mm AutoPot PF901/4

Autopot 1Pot Module (pot 8.5l) AP200 / SQ

  • The AutoPot system is a universal irrigation system for growing plants based on 6mm accessories
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This is an add-on to the 1Pot system!

The AutoPot system is a universal irrigation system suitable for growing most edible and decorative plants. It can be used in greenhouses, gardens or at home, regardless of the level of experience. You can grow both in typical hydroponic substrates, having the advantages of soilless cultivation, as well as in soil, coconut or rockwool. Acting automatically, the system saves a lot of time, leave for a long weekend and be sure of healthy plants, at the same time a successful harvest, without the risk of drying out.


Why AUTOPOT system?

  • The end of everyday watering,
  • The system can be left unattended, until the medium from the tank is depleted (depending on the size and type of system and cultivated plants up to 2 weeks)
  • No power, pumps, time programmers or special sewage connections, gravitational pressure is the strength of this system,
  • Saving water and fertilizers, the system is closed, all water is used by plants,
  • You do not need to constantly monitor the pH / EC
  • Easy, intuitive operation,
  • Low maintenance costs,
  • There are no limits as to the size of the system,
  • The possibility of free placing of pots,
  • No need to rinse each plant at the end of flowering, just pour clean water into the tank,
  • The AutPot system makes the cultivation simple, automatic ideal for busy hobbyists as well as for people who grow commercially.

After connecting the pots to the tank, filling it with water and appropriate planting medium, the system irrigates the plants according to their needs,  thanks to the AQUAvalve dispenser . The AutoPot system is a bestseller on the hydroponics market in Great Britain.

AQUAvalve water dispensing system, responsible for supplying water, blocking the inflow, so that the roots can use the water poured into the stand, dry out, and also oxygenate, after which the stand is filled again to the level of 20mm. 

All you need to remember is topping up the main tank with a suitable plant medium.

The manufacturer recommends using hoses supplying medium with a diameter of 6mm in 1-7 pot systems. Above the 8 pots, it is recommended to use a 16mm thick tubing. The more pots in a given set, the larger the main tank should be. 
The tank should be placed at least 15 cm above the pots so that the gravity pressure effectively hydrates the system. 
Recommended substrates are earth / coconut / mineral wool in a ratio of 50% / 50% with perlite / expanded clay.


The set includes:

1 x stand with lid 
1 pot 8,5l 
1 x AQUAvalve (cistern) 
1 x copper mat 
1 x material mat 
1 x hose 6mm


Technische Daten:
Topfgröße (L):
8,5 l
Anzahl der Töpfe:
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