• Jiffy peat discs for sowing 41mm 100 pieces
  • Jiffy peat discs for sowing 41mm 100 pieces
  • Jiffy peat discs for sowing 41mm 100 pieces
  • Jiffy peat disc for 41mm sowing 1 piece

Jiffy peat discs for sowing 41mm 100 pieces

  • Providing excellent conditions and an ideal environment for the development of root peat discs
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Swelling Pots / Jiffy peat pellets are used by producers all over the world. The best choice for gardeners in plant propagation. This product has proven itself in production and has been providing a low-cost way of obtaining young, high quality plant material for many years. The products are tested and modernized to ensure the highest quality. Experiments are carried out both in own and independent laboratories, and research work is supported by leading global gardening farms.




Advantages :

- Roots can get through the walls. Their growth is unlimited, there is no phenomenon of root twisting. The roots branch out to form a strong root system of good quality. 
- Coconut sprouts to germination are great for cuttings and seedlings 
- Can be used for soil, coconut, hydroponics 
- They are 100% natural and biodegradable 
- You can plant plants with other pots. 
- The ease of taking on plants that do not feel the shock after transplanting will continue to grow. 
- A good start guarantees an earlier and better quality yield. 
- Plants tolerate transport well. They do not experience stress caused by a lack of water. 
- No diseases or pests. 
- Using such discs saves time.
- Better air circulation between the disks. 
- Jiffy swell rings are made of organic materials that are readily biodegradable and do not endanger the environment. They are part of the growing medium. They enrich the earth with organic matter. 
- They absorb and keep water. More even humidity. Easy air circulation through porous walls.

Jiffy flowerpot is not only a flowerpot but also a method of reproduction. It is a way to produce a better product.


Diameter: 41mm

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